Wounaan Baskets
Wounaan handwoven baskets

The Wounaan are one of seven indigenous groups that live within the Republic of Panama, in the Darien province.  Traditionally they are semi-nomadic forest dwellers.  In the rainforest villages of eastern Panama the Wounaan women in the midst of many adversities weave some of the most beautiful and tightly woven baskets made my humans.  Some taking months and even years to make.  This is their best source of economic income and stability.

The baskets we purchase from them are of their highest quality baskets and take the expert weavers quite a long time to make and they are well compensated.  Basket prices are based on quality and the time it takes to make them.  We are a certified fair trade company serving to preserve and support tribal and cultural art and products for over 20 years.  Buying this product directly support the Wounaan people and allows us to purchase more of their finest work.

Wounaan baskets are woven from the Naguala, Toquilla (Carludovica palmata, the same palm used to make the renowned Panama hats)  and Chunga palm fibers.   A variety of natural dyes are used to create the exquisite colors and designs.
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